Slowly but surely creeping up, my net worth climbing 2.7% this month to $356,017. My total net worth breakdown is as follows, with the additional glimpse into how this has changed since I began tracking my numbers in May 2015:

TOTAL NET WORTH = $356,017

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $249,556
  • Superannuation = $106,461


Monthly Net Income

  • Salary ($7,348)
  • Superannuation ($1,610)

I paid a quarterly tax bill of $261 this month, explaining the lower salary.

Stocks = $229,342 (+$7,001)         

Purchases: Vanguard Australia Shares (VAS): $5,014

My 40% allocation to Australian shares is approaching the $100k mark.

Cash = $20,214 (-$41)

Superannuation = $106,461 (+$2,531)

Expenses = $2,589

Lowest for the year. I’d like to try and keep my yearly expenses to around $40k, so would like to restrict the next 3 months to $9k if possible. Think I should be able to, it seems to be one of those years where each month has a decently large expense. Mainly due to my holiday.

Savings Rate = 64.8%

I am now averaging 57.7% for the year. I hope that I can get that up to 60%.

Another month gone. Still have a long stretch to go. I have been feeling recently that it will be an eternity to reach FI, and I’ve been playing all sorts of scenarios through my mind. Do I make the most of my high paying (yet significantly dull and annoying) job to make it to the finish line, or cut it short and go part-time, extending my FI date? I still have time to figure this out, but of late, I’ve been more inclined to consider the latter option. I just cannot see myself still doing what I’m doing for another five years. Three maybe, four at a stretch, but five just seems so far away. In the bigger scheme of things, it’s really not that long. I wouldn’t know any different if I hadn’t have discovered FIRE anyway.