Had a great month with net worth climbing a whopping 6.3% to $378,497. After a few slow months mid-year, these kinds of months really give you that extra bit of motivation to keep the foot on the accelerator. These are the numbers for October:

TOTAL NET WORTH = $378,497

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $266,185
  • Superannuation = $112,312


I recently adjusted my goal to $1m by July of 2021. This is ambitious to say the least, but I will be turning 40 that month so it will certainly be something to celebrate if I can pull it off. It is not completely out of the question, but depends on a range of factors including salary and bonuses increasing, as well as the markets.

Monthly Income (Net)

  • Salary ($7,574)
  • Tax Refund ($2,792)
  • Superannuation ($1,610)

I had a nice surprise this month; I have been delaying doing my taxes, presuming I would have to pay the tax office as usual now that I have dividends coming in. Much to my surprise, I received a refund of $2,792! I am not sure how this happened, though I suspect it has something to do with how much I was taxed on my bonus earlier in the year. Regardless, I will take it!

Stocks = $243,216 (+$13,874)        

Purchases: Vanguard Australia Shares (VAS): $4,996

I hit the $100k mark in VAS this month. I have been reassessing my strategy and asset allocation of late, reading a lot more about listed investment companies (LIC) in Australia and considering upping my allocation to Aussie shares with some of these LICs. Franking credits on Aussie shares really help, and there are some clear benefits to LICs over ETFs. Some research into some of the bigger ones like AFI, ARG or MLT may be warranted. It would be great living purely off income rather than having to sell off shares, with a healthy cash reserve in case of a recession.

Cash = $22,969 (+$2,755)

Superannuation = $112,312 (+$5,851)

Expenses = $2,738

A pretty lean month which is good. My “monthly income” based on 4% of taxable net worth is $887. Hopefully that purple line plateaus soon and that yellow line continue to creep toward it.

Savings Rate = 73.6%

I am now averaging 59.3% for the year. I hope that I can get that up to 60%.

Another day another dollar. Some layoffs at work this week, so the more f&^% you money I have the better. I probably have about 7 years living expenses now. Most is tied up in the markets but it still lets me sleep better at night.