Making a solid march upward, with my net worth rising 1.8% ($5,980) to $334,295. It’s nice to reach the 1/3 of a million mark.

My net worth is divided into three main sections; stocks, cash and superannuation, along with my expenses and savings rate.

My total net worth breakdown is as follows:

A breakdown of my “taxable” (cash and shares) and “non-taxable” (superannuation) components.

TOTAL NET WORTH = $334,295

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $232,373
  • Superannuation = $101,922


Monthly Net Income

  • Salary ($7,842)
  • Superannuation ($1,054)

Stocks = $214,027 (+$6,584)

Stock market climbed a little this month.

Purchases: Vanguard Australian Shares (VAS): $4,963

Cash = $18,346 (-$1,097)

Superannuation = $101,922 (+$493)

Expenses = $3,924

Quite high on the expenses front this month. Had to fork out a little over $1k toward my trip to the US in August. My average monthly expenses for 2017 is sitting at $3,348. I’ve paid for much of 3 week US holiday now, so I’d like to try and get this monthly average down toward the $3k/month by the end of the year. My “income per month” based on 4% of taxable accounts rose from $756 to $775.

Savings Rate = 50.0%

My savings rate is ok so far, with the average for the year being 62.4%.

Not a spectacular month, but moving along consistently. Considering I’m adding $5k per month to investments, I don’t expect to see too many months where the net worth moves backwards. Even if the markets drop considerably.