Happy with July, seeing my net worth shift upwards 1.5% ($5,172) to $339,302. Nothing much happening in the markets, just that disciplined monthly deposit of $5k into ETFs. My total net worth breakdown is as follows:

I thought I’d do something a little different this month and post a screen shot of my net worth spreadsheet. It shows in more detail the journey I’ve been on since May 2015. Firstly to look at the columns; I have a “cash”, “shares” and “super” column. For cash, I have an everyday transaction account and a savings account where ideally, I like to keep a healthy stash of 6 months or so ($20k). For shares, I only have money in ETFs right now, but I was granted company stock last year and this year, and the first of this stock vests next May, meaning I’ll have 1/3 of the stock granted to me a couple of years back (the shares vest in 1/3 increments from years 2-4, the “golden handcuffs” as such….). I also use my company’s superannuation fund. The fees are quite high, but the company pays most of this, and I also get all insurance paid (a significant benefit, especially the Income Protection insurance). The rest is self-explanatory, the overall net worth figure and the change in both $ and %. Of significant note is the fact that in 27 months of tracking this, I have only had a negative month on three occasions. Of course, there have been more than three monthly occasions where the market has had a negative return, but I’m adding around $5k to the market each month.

TOTAL NET WORTH = $339,302

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $236,871
  • Superannuation = $102,431

Along the same lines as last month, I have posted the time course of my net worth, but also a second graph that zooms out to $1m on Y-axis and 2022 on the X-axis. I really like seeing this graph for motivational purposes. You can see up the top right I have my overall goal of $1m net worth by March of 2022. Before I used to think this was quite ambitious, but I think it’s quite realistic now.

Monthly Net Income

  • Salary ($7,798)
  • Superannuation ($1,054)
  • Dividends ($2,134)

Received my Q2 dividends this month, and the first time I’ve been about the $2k/quarter mark. A quick look below at how this has changed since I began in 2015:

It’s a little misleading looking for any trend in the $/Quarter column, as one of my ETFs (a high dividend Global ETF) pays out semi-annually. So better to look at $/Semi or $/Year.

Stocks = $219,398 (+$5,201)         

Purchases: Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets (VGE): $5,003

Edged my emerging markets allocation up toward the 20% mark

Cash = $17,473 (-$268)

Slight decrease on the cash front this month, but no cause for concern.

Superannuation = $102,431 (+$239)

Slight bump in the super this month.

Expenses = $3,065

Around where I’d like to be on a routine basis. My yearly average currently sits at $3,385 and by the years’ end I’d like to have this at around $3,000. Seems to have been one of those years where each month has one of those big items. I’m travelling to the United States in a couple of days for over 3 weeks holiday, so I’m looking forward to that, but of course it’s one of the reasons my current expenses are a little on the high side. Fortunately most of those big ticket expenses for the trip (airfares, accommodation, Eclipse festival ticket in Oregon J) have already been paid for.

Savings Rate = 60.7%

I’m now averaging 59.8% for the year. Ouch. As pointed out above though, have to live a little, and living includes travelling overseas for 3 weeks with mates. I hope to bump this back over the 60% mark once I come back from my trip in early September.

Til next month……