It has been a positive end to the year with my net worth climbing 2.9% to $402,476. I have added $55,950 in the past 4 months alone! Here are the numbers for December, and the spread sheet of how this has changed over the last 2.5 years:

TOTAL NET WORTH = $402.476

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $283,488
  • Superannuation = $118,988


Monthly Income (Net)

  • Salary ($8,927)
  • Superannuation ($1,800)

We receive an annual health insurance payment at work every December of $2k, which explains the $1,400 or so net extra for the month.

Stocks = $259,942 (+$3,029)         

No purchases in December.

Cash = $23,546 (+$5,862)

Cash holdings were higher due to no stock purchases.

Superannuation = $118,988 (+$2,476)

Expenses = $3,005

Average expenses for the year were $3,326 per month, and I managed to keep my total annual expenses to slightly under $40k at $39,915.

Savings Rate = 66.3%

My aim was a savings rate of 60% for the year and I managed 60.5%, which I am happy with.

Cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. In six months by mid-2018 I will be about half way through my journey. I definitely cannot take my foot off the pedal over these next three years; there is a long way to go yet. Honestly, I do not believe I will be 100% FI by mid-2021. However I will be in a comfortable position whereby I can think about going part-time for a couple of years or do something that pays a little less more for the enjoyment and lower stress; cruise through the last couple of years to get used to the notion of working less whilst letting those dividends compound to take me over the line.