Another really great month. My net worth rose 4.6% ($14,423) to $328,315. I’ve added almost $50k the past 2 months. I know it won’t continue at this rate, but it is exciting nevertheless. It’s now been exactly 2 years since I began tracking my net worth, and it has jumped pretty much smack bang on $200k. It’s awesome to think of the possibility of reaching my $1 million goal in around 5 years’ time, but of course there are bound to be some extreme ups or extreme downs, or both! A smooth ride I don’t expect.

As always, net worth is divided into three main sections; stocks, cash and superannuation, along with my expenses and savings rate.

My total net worth breakdown is as follows:

A breakdown of my “taxable” (cash and shares) and “non-taxable” (superannuation) components.

TOTAL NET WORTH = $328,315

  • Taxable (Stocks + Cash) = $226,886
  • Superannuation = $101,429


My favourite graph has to be the plot of my “taxable”, “super” and “total net worth” over time. I decided to take this a step further recently, so I could properly see how long it might take me to reach my goal of $1 million by March of 2022. If that yellow line continues on its trend that I just might do it. I need to add about $670k in 5 years. I’ve reached a point in my career where I’d be happy not be promoted further (I’m in middle management now), but it is likely I’ll get the opportunity at some point. I’m fully aware that more money means more responsibilities, and I’m content with what I have now. Regardless, I do expect yearly pay rises above inflation that will continue to assist along the way.

Monthly Net Income

  • Salary ($7,798)
  • Superannuation ($1,054)
  • Dividends ($804)

Given the 5% pay rise received last month, I expect $7.8k to be the new monthly norm. Also received my quarterly dividends from Vanguard this month, which I automatically reinvested.

Stocks = $207,443 (+$7,057)

Stock market continued its climb this month, but for how much longer….

No purchases this month; decided to top up the cash a little more.

Cash = $19,443 (+$4,752)

Added to my cash position this month. It may be slightly high, but my aim was always to have about 10% in cash. As the ETF portfolio get higher though, I may was to decrease this percentage.

Superannuation = $101,429 (+$2,614)

Got the little bump I needed to hit the $100k mark.

Expenses = $2,801

An average month for expenses, and average is good. Anything less than $3,000 per month is good. My “income per month” based on 4% of taxable accounts rose from $717 to $756.

Savings Rate = 64.1%

My savings rate is right where I like it, and the average for the year so far is 65.5%

Things are going nicely right now. If reaching FI is a 50km marathon, I’ve just taken my first drink at the 15km mark.